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What is the reason you need roof Repairs for Leaks Now?

Apr 26


A roof leak could result in severe damage inside your house. In addition to aesthetic concerns the presence of water in your home could lead to structural damage or a catastrophic roof failure.

Here are the potential consequences for water that enters your home through the roof.


  • Make the perfect habitat for mildew and mold

  • Cause wood to rot

  • Let your drywall soak in the water

  • Your entire roof will fail

  • Water and Mold or Mildew

In damp, dark environments creates a place for the growth of mold and mildew. Mold can be poisonous and is an issue that you must address right away. The attic should be inspected for mildew or mold spots, and also the ceilings and walls in the living spaces that are used for daily activities. It could be a sign that your roof needs to be replaced immediately.


Wood Rot

It's not always easy to recognize - but when you can see it, it appears as yellow or white, and it looks as if it's stringy or spongy. Wood may also turn dark brown or break down because of rot.


Drywall water

The drywall that is soaked with water can be identified by looking for discoloration, mildew, the appearance of bulging paint or general sagging. It may be the ceilings of your home, your walls, or both. The only thing that is certain is: If water leaked into your drywall and caused it to become wet , it's likely to repeat if you don't fix the problem as soon as you can and get help from emergency roofing repairs near me.


Catastrophic Roof Failure as a result of Water Incursion

Roof failures can be fatally caused by wood rot. Sometimes , it's difficult to recognize, so be on the lookout for saggy spots that are visible from the outside and inspect the rafters in your attic. The decayed wood could cause your roof to collapse and could also damage the structural integrity of your home.


What can you do to tell whether your roof is leaky?

It is crucial to look for the indicators of leaks in your roof inside and out of your house. Repairing your roof in San Antonio is a must.


  • Dark spots on ceilings or walls

  • Spots in attic where sunlight shines through the roof

  • A sagging appearance

  • A shingle that is damaged or missing from the roof

  • Slow draining gutters and/or obstructions in gutters

  • The roofing material is loose lying on the ground near to your home

  • Wear-and-tear round chimneys or roof vents

What if You Need Roof Leak Repair?

Water damage in your home is not always located under the leak. Sometimes you can follow the flow of water to determine the source of the leak, however, most of the time it's more difficult than that. Your roof could be prone to multiple leaks too, especially when it's old or has been damaged by storms or hail.


Contact us to set up an inspection. We'll be able to detect the leak and fix it, if needed. Shield Roofing can inspect your roof for leaks.



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